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Meet our friendly 

Laura Hayman:

Registered Manager at Active Homecare Ltd

Laura is she is passionate about keeping people safe in their own home by completing high quality client assessment, creating individualised care plans for all clients, reviewing all care and ensuring clients receive a high quality service.  Laura will ensure that all staff are up to date with all training required to care for our clients and will also visit clients regularly to ensure all Active homecare clients individual needs are met.

Active Homecare 

Active Homecare was founded in January 2019 by Laura Hayman RGN. Laura has worked within community settings for many years now, as a registered community nurse and specialist District nurse, caring for people with all manners of health, social and cultural needs within their own home. Laura has found working within the community setting that personalised community care services were limited, for this reason she wanted to set up her own Homecare service that provides safe, dignified, compassionate care to clients that wish to have care within the comfort of their own home.